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Tanany Book Services is the first Egyptian independent copyright advisory firm and literary agency. We consider ourselves a pioneer in promoting awareness among Egyptian publishers about the international copyright laws. We also facilitate buying and selling copyrights between national and international publishers

The founder of Tanany Book Services (TBS), Mostafa El Tanany, is the third-generation in a family of publishers that has been providing quality printing and publishing services for nearly a century. In 1917, the Tanany family opened their first printing press business in Alexandria at Al-Shemerly Street. Today this street name remains recognized as a brand name for paper stationery products. Mostafa el Tanany’s third-generation history in a family of publishers has given him a memory of the 99 slot typesetting box and the manual feeding 70*100 cm sheet printing machine.


       In addition to the general trade books , Mostafa el Tanany has long experience in the printing and distribution of both Arabic and English  language college textbooks


       In 1987, Mostafa el Tanany co-founded Al-Mahrousa Publishing Co., Cairo, Egypt, which began as a publishing house printing indexed reference resources in the newspaper field. Al-Mahrousa developed a computerized classification system that summarized and indexed approximately 40 daily newspapers, weekly journals, and monthly reports in 30 categories and more than 200 subcategories. Results were published weekly as the Egyptian Press Index & Weekly Report.  The project, which continues today, involves daily data review and entry and provides archives and links between categories. Major clients have included the Middle East Research Center at Columbia University, New York and the American University, Washington, D.C.  Over the years, Al-Mahroussa has expanded it services and now conducts general publishing. At this time, Al-Mahroussa has published approximately 500 titles. This long history provides him with an accumulation of experience in the fields of publishing, distribution and printing.


   The wealth of resources and knowledge referred above has encouraged TBS to specialize in this newly established line of copyright trading in the Arab world. This explains why TBS has been hired by prestigious clients such as Dar El Shorouk, The General Egyptian Book Organization, and Dar El Maaref to manage their foreign rights interests.



Meanwhile, TBS is resuming its book publishing business by issuing new series of illustrated books in the fields of history and politics.




      According to our vision, we believe that Arab authors have not yet received the recognition and international literary status that they deserve. The fact that only a few Arab authors have been awarded international literary prizes cannot be attributed to lack of talent, but largely to lack of professional Arab literary agents who play an important role in the publishing industry. In this connection, we are working closely with reputable English literary agents like Peter Frazier and Dunlop in England, Nicol Aragy Agency in USA among others to promote Arab authors and literature worldwide


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