Our list of client includes the most reputable Arab publishing Houses that we manage their foreign rights interests, such as:


1)    General Egyptian book Organization (GEBO):

            The GEBO has been established since the late 50th (1958) as a state owned publisher to operate as the publisher Arm of the Ministry of culture in order to publish fiction and nonfiction books with affordable prices.

                   In addition, the GEBO is the Organizer of the Cairo International Book fair (http://www.cibf.org)  -which takes place every year on January  -the largest Book fair in the Arab world. Currently the GEBO is planning to introduce more cross culture translated literature; therefore they hire Tanany Book Services to Clear copyrights on their behalf.

              So far, we have acquired the rights of several works by Harlod Pinter, Saramago, Elfriede Jelinek, J. M. Coetzee, Herbert Read, Joyce Carol Oates, Carl sagan, Orhan Pamuk, Michael Cunningham, Manfred Clauss, Christiane Desroches Noblecourt, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie,Geraldine Brooks, Amparo Davila, Carlos Fuentes, D.Y. Bechard, Augusto Monterroso, Ann Enright, Gilles Leroy, Sherko Fatah, Peter France, Doris Lessing, Muriel Barbery , Eric Fottorino and  Daniel Pennac.


For more information: http://www.egyptianbook.org.eg




      2) Dar Al Shorouk:


           Dar El Shorouk is an independent Egyptian publishing house. It was established in 1968 by Mohamed El Moallem, one of the founding fathers of modern publishing in Egypt and the Arab World, who started his publishing career in 1942.


Today, Dar El Shorouk is one of the most prominent and respected publishers in the region. It is also the most award-winning publisher in the Arab World. It boasts a number of highly acclaimed prize-winning authors and illustrators. Authors include a wide array of distinguished thinkers, international statesmen, politicians, scientists and icons of modern Arab thought. It is the only Arab publisher to exclusively publish works by two Arab Nobel Prize laureates: Naguib Mahfouz and Ahmed Zewail. It is also the only Arab publisher with numerous international awards and prizes in the field of children's books.


Dar El Shorouk is a general publisher with over 3500 titles to its name. Of these, about 10% are translations, mainly from English, from which the rights were acquired from such publishers as Cambridge UP, Albin Michel, Dorling Kindersley, Usborne, Disney, Nathan, Kodansha, Fabri Editori, and Gyldendal Norsk.


Well known for the high quality of its books both in content and in design and printing, Dar El Shorouk is the only Arab publisher to have received a number of distinguished international awards.

For more information: http://www.shorouk.com


     3)  Dar Elmaaref:   


          Dar El Maaref is the leading Egyptian publisher of children books in Egypt with net worth of 200 Millions LE. It holds the rights of thousands of titles of must read culture reference since it established in the 1890.
Dar El Maaref published the first children Pictured book series in the the Arab World in 1912, and the first children magazine (Sindbad) in the 1952 th illustrated by the great Egyptian Artist Hussein Bikare.
Dar EL Maaref was established as privately owned  family business ,then in 1963 it survive the nationalization of most publishing companies ,by reaching a special agreement with the authorities to maintain a special unique entity despite being partially state owned, such agreement  allowed following the free enterprise Market rules.
Dar El Maaref has its own Distribution channel that consists of  chain of 22 bookstores that covers All Egypt Governorates .
Moreover Dar El Maaref opened a branch in Lebanon in 1960 and printed some of its books in Lebanon, Hong Kong, France, Germany, and Spain.,
Dar El-Maaref in addition to books publishing it publishes a weekly Political Magazine Called "October" .
Dar El Maaref is under new management who are planning to regain their position as the leader of Children Magazine Publisher, and my firm has been hired to help them to reach that target.


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